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A Strategic Consulting Firm Integrating Science and Commercial – Catering Exclusively To The Healthcare and Life Sciences industry.

About Us
A long-standing global Healthcare and Life Sciences research and consulting firm, offering a customizable, fully integrated suite of strategy, competitive, and market intelligence solutions, focused on creating competitive advantage, meeting the needs of our clients, and enhancing your capabilities to win in the evolving market place. Our heritage in the Biopharmaceutical domain remains our foundation, while earning the privilege of collaborating with Medical Device, Insurance, Payers, Distribution Channels, Genomic Testing and Laboratory firms.

Core competencies :
  • Multi-methodology research, via a current and highly accessible global source network.
  • Foundation for identifying evidence-based strategic intelligence insights and perspectives, to assess strengths and weaknesses, trends and drivers to identify actions to create sustainable advantage.
  • Provide business implications, inform business planning, and decision making with prioritized alternatives and contingencies.
  • Global conference coverage by healthcare and life science specialists who are trained for all aspects of clinical and commercial intelligence acquisition. Comprehensive services in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia, including China and Japan.
  • Strategic and tactical workshops, including competitive simulations, war games, scenario planning, and pre/post launch planning.
  • KOL networking to gain real-time insights and the latest status and evidence to inform business planning and decision making.
  • Digital solutions via a portfolio of custom designed and delivered web based and mobile platform tools, for better, faster, and increased communication with stakeholders.
  • Partnering/licensing profiling and identification of expansion opportunities.
  • Command Center – Competitive Playbook and Contingency Planning formats.
  • Psychosocial Segmentation to support the Patient and Caregiver Journey.

MedSphere® Is Committed To Earning A Seat At Your Table
MedSphere® recognizes that your business success relies on the timeliness and quality of the intelligence, analysis, and perspectives we provide. As your vested collaborator, we recognize the requirement for evidence-based intelligence that informs planning and optimizes decision making. Our Healthcare and Life Sciences Ecosystem is becoming increasingly hypercompetitive and incumbents and new entrants are vying for share in highly crowded TAs. Our culture is build on a foundation of client collaboration.

MedSphere® recently conducted a research study to understand our strengths, and as a learning organization, opportunities to improve. We are pleased to share some highlights of the feedback:
  • Pace – Timing is everything as intelligence becomes stale quite quickly. MedSphere®’s attention to near real-time capture, analysis, and interpretation is a great attribute.
  • Priorities – Competing in a dynamic marketplace, where priorities can change in seconds, MedSphere® remains flexible and nimble to keep our intelligence evergreen.
  • Quality and evidence-based findings are becoming increasingly more important as we compete to defend our current position, and prepare to enter new arenas. MedSphere®’s attention to deadlines, and high quality, easy to interpret reports, are delivered on-time.

MedSphere®’s Attributes

A Healthcare and Life Sciences dedicated firm that integrates clinical and commercial insights to inform business planning, decision optimization, resource allocation, enhancing business capabilities, and maximizing asset value. MedSphere® Is an industry leader in collaboration with patient and professional advocacy groups, translating research findings to inform guideline development and standards for diagnosis and treatment.

Our Key Attributes:


Leadership Begins With Experienced, Diverse, Dynamic Thinkers.

Hooman Bahmandeji, MBA President Hooman has over 20 years of healthcare experience in the provider, payer and pharmaceutical sectors. He has held leadership positions in market research, channel marketing, business development, global advocacy development, and e-business for a global pharmaceutical company.Hooman holds an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He is a invited speaker at university and pharmaceutical conferences on strategy, marketing, technology, and negotiations.
Wendy J. Segal, Vice President, Strategic Intelligence An experienced strategist with in-depth understanding of all aspects of the global medical industry. Wendy has 20 years of experience in Pharma CI Consulting. She has directed assignments in competitive intelligence, global market assessment, technology assessment, marketing strategy development, conference coverage, identification of partnership candidates, and due diligence in the pharma/biotech industries.Wendy holds an MBA from the Quinlan School of Business, Loyola University, MA from University of Chicago. She has lived/worked for extended periods in Europe and South America, developing multilingual abilities, allowing effortless communication with professionals in international markets.


Jobs at MedSphere®

About Us
MedSphere® is always looking for bright energetic people with a solid track record in pharmaceutical/biotech sectors and companies who serve those industries.

If you have a strong marketing and/or clinical/scientific background and want to work in a fast paced, work-friendly environment where you will be challenged and rewarded for results, then send a confidential resume with a cover letter stating your interest to:
Email: jobs@medsphere.net

We currently have full-time and part-time openings in Chicago, NJ/NY area, Europe (Zurich/London), India (Mumbai), and China (Shanghai)

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